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Unforgettable Events With The Mermaid & The Dragon

Concert booking and event planning services in Yakima, WA

Do you want your band to play its latest hits at a unique and cool venue? Do you need an expert to plan your corporate event? Get help from The Mermaid & The Dragon. We’re an entertainment agency that has the skills, connections and experience to plan any event or book the best concert location in the Yakima, Washington area.

Fabulous, unique and effortless events in Yakima, WA

Let The Mermaid & The Dragon help you through the planning process. We offer a variety of services to make your event or concert successful in the Yakima, WA area. Our mission is to:

  • Connect artists and musicians with local venues in the Yakima area
  • Help musicians and artists with marketing and ticket sales
  • Plan and execute events for private businesses

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to connect artists and musicians with local venues. To plan and execute a unique experience for all involved.

3 reasons to hire the pros at The Mermaid & The Dragon

Planning a business event can be stressful, and finding locations where you’re able to play your music can be difficult. However, the process is easier when you have someone to facilitate the partnership between you and the venue. Here are three reasons why you should call us for help:

  1. We have many connections with different venues in the Yakima area
  2. We take care of the planning, booking and marketing aspects of your event
  3. We manage the vendors and help set up and tear down events

Are you ready to book a gig or corporate event location? Call 509-895-5625 to schedule a consultation with The Mermaid & The Dragon of Yakima, WA.

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